What Makes Us Different

Activating Students’ Potential

Activating a student’s potential starts with the optimal learning environment, the right program, and the right instructor. These conditions launch the student’s competence to become an independent, self-correcting learner.
Tapping into a child’s potential is a gift for a lifetime. That’s what we do.

Here’s how:

Individualized Program

  • unprecedented individualization
  • programs are specialized and individualized to the specific learning needs, not to the diagnosis
  • learning plans are designed to capitalize on the student’s strong neurodevelopmental abilities
  • strengthen weak neurodevelopmental abilities

Individualized Lessons

  • start with a thorough understanding of the student’s neurodevelopmental profile before designing any individual program or lessons
  • explicit instruction given in a way the student understands
  • simultaneous multisensory learning with emphasis on student’s strong learning channels
  • ongoing evaluation of student progress and skill development

Learning Environment

  • high level of routine and consistency
  • a learning environment free of distractions and proper lighting
  • spacious private rooms
  • highly interactive
  • expertly selected learning tools

Professionalism and Expertise

  • exceed established educational standards
  • one on one direct feedback
  • cognitive behaviour and emotional support
  • collaborative team
  • ongoing professional development specific to autism and learning disabilities