Tutoring is Stress-Free

My boys have been with Mind Over Learning for the past two years. I can’t say enough about how Mind Over Learning has impacted their lives. They both suffer from severe dyslexia and both read about four levels below the average reading level for their ages. The first year my older son was with Mind Over Learning, he was taught skills and tools to decode reading that he still uses today. His confidence with reading has improved greatly and he is constantly learning new things and implementing them in his day to day life. Besides teaching my boys life-long skills in reading, Mind Over Learning provides tutors that my boys are excited to see and learn from. Tutoring is stress free for them and so much fun that they ask me daily when their next tutoring session will be.

Mind Over Learning provides a phenomenal tutoring program that has been created with careful thought and thorough preparation. They are willing to work with families to create a meaningful learning experience for children. With lessons and tutors geared toward my children’s individual needs, they have become more confident readers and students. I highly recommend Mind Over Learning for any tutoring needs.


My Son Loves “Reading School”

During my son’s assessment, the Specialized Learning Consultant took time to ask about his cognitive abilities and examine his strengths. Mind Over Learning is extremely professional and knowledgeable about learning disabilities, and I believe they are very interested in pursuing more knowledge about kids on the spectrum. I know they have tailored my son’s tutoring to his strengths and learning abilities. He likes going to his tutoring sessions! He calls it “Reading School”.

Lisa Watson

Learning To Read and Building Confidence

It became clear in the first grade that my son was struggling with reading. It did not take long to realize that I did not hold the expertise to help him. Our daily reading was a struggle and often ended in tears.
My son participated in learning assistance at school, but this wasn’t enough and he continued to lag far behind most of his peers. He was frustrated with reading and felt stupid and embarrassed at school, and often came home from school in tears.

A friend recommended Mind Over Learning. We decided to give it a try and at our initial assessment, the teaching consultant undertook a thorough assessment of my son to determine his areas of weakness and his learning style. A truly individualized learning plan was then created to address my son’s unique learning needs.

After a few months working with Mind Over Learning, my son is finally finding success with learning to read. He leaves each tutoring session feeling pumped up and optimistic. His tutor speaks my son’s language and teaches him differently, in a way that makes sense to him and allows him to learn. In turn, he is hopeful for the first time that he is a reader. His tutors are not only teaching him to read, but teaching him how to learn and building his confidence.

There is no overnight success for children experiencing learning difficulties but our son is finally on the right track and progressing consistently with the assistance of the tutors at Mind Over Learning.

The tutors are patient, positive, and extremely respectful to the student and his/her parents. It is clear that they sincerely care about each child. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to other families.

Jody Pihl

Pride in Accomplishments

I am impressed with the success that our Distance Learning students are experiencing in Mind Over Learning’s program. Upon visiting the students, their CHEK ABC teacher shared how both children demonstrated great pride in their accomplishments this year.

Thank you so much for your professional services to this family.

Special Needs Consultant, CHEK ABC

The Impact: Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Desire to Read

Access Human Resources Inc. is an agency that supports adults and youth with developmental delays and / or behavioural challenges. One of Mind Over Learning’s instructors, who is a professional, personable, reliable and empathetic person, has been of great assistance to an individual associated with Access Human Resources Inc. Her tutoring training and certification, as well as her genuine desire to help others who experience literacy challenges was evident throughout.

Her approach enabled the individual to further develop literacy skills and had tremendous positive impact on the individual’s confidence, self-esteem, and desire to read. At the end of the three months tutoring period, the post assessment clearly demonstrated that the individual involved had made significant gains in literacy skill development and had become enthusiastic about learning to read.

We highly recommend anyone seeking literacy support to contact Mind Over Learning.

Opal Blackhall (B.Ed. Program Director/Human Resources Manager)

The Best Tutor in the World

Thank you for the effort that you put into me. I have already discovered so much in the short period of time that we have spent together. I wanted to write this note to show my appreciation of you.
Am looking forward to spending more time with you as we progress.
From a really thankful student.


A Huge Improvement

My son has been going to Mind Over Learning for almost a year now for reading difficulties. He has come leaps and bounds and is starting to feel confident reading out loud. His teachers at his school have notice a HUGE improvement.

He loves his tutor, and they understand each other which is amazing as it builds on my son’s confidence instead of feeling like he is different. They use great techniques and give me tips to assist him at home which helps me understand how to help him as well. I am always recommending Mind Over Learning to anyone I know.

S. Dutt

Teaching Math in a Way My Daughter Learns

It was suggested to me by my daughter’s grade 6 teacher that we have a psycho-educational assessment done to determine the root of her math difficulties. She was then diagnosed with an NVLD. Not only were her math skills the equivalent of a child several years younger, her confidence was lacking and she had some major anxiety as it relates to math.

Immediately we enrolled her in Mind Over Learning. What I like about the program is that information is presented to my daughter in a manner in which she understands. They are teaching her in the way that SHE learns.

She has made some great strides in building a foundation on which to further her math skills. Her anxiety has lessened a great deal and she just received a B on her latest report card. She still has a long way to go and math will likely always challenge her a great deal but we are feeling much more hopeful and confident as a result of her tutoring. She now realizes that she is not dumb but just learns in an atypical manner and must be taught accordingly.

We are very happy with Maya’s progress at Mind Over Learning and will continue with her tutoring there indefinitely.

Michelle A.

From Non-Reader to Successful Reader

One of my students came into Grade 2 as a non-reader. His growth this year has been amazing and I credit it to the one-on-one support he has received from Mind Over Learning.

His tutor is personable, caring and has developed a very positive rapport with this student. She quickly assessed where the student is at, and then began to work on skills the student needed to acquire to become a successful reader.

Without any hesitation, I would recommend Mind Over Learning for tutoring your child.

Connie Peters (Grade 1/2 Teacher – Chute Lake Elementary)

Reading and Learning is Fun!

Mind Over Learning makes reading and learning fun. The instructors taught my son in a way he could understand. He is always delighted to tell me what he has learned each session. It is with the same excitement as when he shows me his new Lego he just built.

I do not know how Mind Over Learning does it, but it has turned my picture book boy into a short novel reader.

Cindy Lam

Helping Students with Our Program

I recently retired after spending 34 years teaching young children. Several months ago I realized that I still wanted to help children learn to read, write, spell and do math. I was honoured to join the tutoring staff at Mind Over Learning and immediately started training.

I have always believed in the importance of teaching using a multi-sensory approach with hopes of helping children learn through their strengths and learning styles. But during my training I began to truly understand how to use a multi-sensory approach to teach the components of language systematically and using the three pathways to learning (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic) simultaneously.

Mind Over Learning has a deep and thorough understanding of how to teach children who have learning disabilities and learning challenges. Our approach develops and enhances both memory and learning. It is such a joy and so rewarding to be able to work one-to-one with each child and to know that we are helping them through our program and with our ever-increasing knowledge of how each child learns.

Maureen Henwood (B.Ed., Specialized Instructor at Mind Over Learning)

He Learned it from Mind Over Learning

My son, who is in grade 2, was really struggling academically in every area. In just 4 months at 2 days a week we have seen such amazing success. His confidence in spelling, writing and math is so extreme, and when I ask him “Where did you learn that?” or “Who taught you that?” he always answers that it’s from tutoring.

I was having issues driving to Kelowna twice a week and almost pulled him out but with the extreme change I just had to make it work.

I wanted to share because I truly feel this has been a huge help to him.

Andrea P.

Mind Over Learning Unlocked the Door to Writing

Our son has been challenged all of his life with receptive-expressive language difficulties as part of his Autism Spectrum Disorder. While making his way through Middle and High School he has experienced success in many classes but felt increasing frustration with the abstract nature of English and the reading and writing required for that subject.

Although others have expressed their desire to help and many generous teachers have been sympathetic to his disability, they could not remediate the problem in brief lunch hour or after-school sessions.

Recently our son’s doctor told us about Mind Over Learning, a tutoring service that helps students with various learning disabilities. In our case, the tutor has provided tools that help to unlock ideas and break down assignments into manageable portions.

This past week, for the first time, our son presented us with a score of 100% on an essay he had written using the tools he has been given by his tutor. We realize that comprehending abstract material and writing may be a life-long challenge, but with the support and resources from Mind Over Learning, he will have a greater chance of success at University.

Our son loves to attend sessions with his tutor. She has a special way about her that welcomes him to open up and share worries about school assignments and his desires for future education. We feel much gratitude towards the staff at Mind Over Learning and look forward to his continued building of skills.

Lyn S.