Our Revised OG Program

The Orton-Gillingham method was designed in the early 20th century and was a ground-breaking remediation system for students who struggled significantly with reading. At this time, family time and financial restraints were not what they are today. The program was designed to require 3-4 hours a week for up to 2 years, which is unrealistic for most families now and makes the process much longer than it should be.

In addition, tutors who are trained in the Orton-Gillingham method use it as it was originally designed without taking into account current knowledge and research in disabilities and diagnoses which contribute to reading difficulties, such as ADHD, Autism, NVLD, auditory/visual processing disorders, or anxiety.
Mind Over Learning has redesigned the O-G program, keeping the core components and high standards for proven effectiveness. We maintain a one-on-one teacher-student ratio and hold true to the language concepts on which the Orton-Gillingham approach was built.

But now remediation is faster and takes less time out of the week for students. We designed this modification to the program, tried it, and tested its effectiveness on students and were surprised at the results.
Not only did students cover more lessons in a shorter amount of time, but tutors were enabled to teach with significantly more emphasis placed on the students’ specific disabilities. Students showed higher proficiency, accuracy, memory, and processing speed. They enjoyed learning in this methodology because it resolved their underlying difficulties with learning to read and write.

Mind Over Learning has now adopted this advanced system fully. To make it far more effective than all other currently used Orton-Gillingham programs, Mind Over Learning begins with a most advanced language/ math assessment in order to create a neuro-profile of the student, developing a deeper , more thorough understanding of the student’s diagnosis and learning challenges.

We continue to be on top of the leading research in all contributing factors to learning difficulties. For example, Mind Over Learning is the only tutoring center that identifies and remediates auditory and visual processing disorders affecting learning to read.

That is teaching at its optimal level.