A Tutor’s Story

When I first began my training at Mind Over Learning, I thought it would be a natural and easy segue from teaching. I soon realized, however, that Mind Over Learning’s approach to tutoring was so different from the traditional teaching approach that I actually had to un-learn almost everything I did naturally as a teacher. Because of the unique learning challenges our students with disabilities face, I had to undergo intensive training and practice to re-learn completely new (and extremely effective) teaching methods. Every execution, every word, every response, every tool was entirely new and had a specific purpose or reason behind it.

During my time at Mind Over Learning, I have watched as other teachers have come aboard with many years of teaching experience and journeyed through the same process. Without fail, every one of us has been astounded at the effectiveness and success of Mind Over Learning’s approach. We know that the same students would have learned in our classrooms, but would not have experienced the same kind of success in learning they find here.

In fact, I am still constantly surprised at the progress of our students. Mind Over Learning has such expertise and specialization in learning disabilities that I, as a teacher in the classroom, could not have. I was a dedicated teacher who did the best I possibly could for all my students, learning all I could about differentiation and working with students who have learning difficulties and disabilities. It did not come close to what Mind Over Learning can do for these students because it is all we do, and it is how we do it!

Of course, we know teachers are amazing at what they do. We are teachers, after all! We now dedicate our time and learning to this specialized area. And it is a privilege to have the opportunity to work alongside other teachers and education professionals in furthering our students’ academic success.

Becky Furney, B.Ed.
Specialized Learning Consultant