Reading Material to Match Students’ Abilities

Why choose a professional private tutoring service such as Mind Over Learning to get your child reading? Here is one of many reasons:

Picture the child, or pre-teen, or even teenager, who has always struggled with reading. They have little or no motivation to pick up a book on their own, let alone tackle required reading for school. There is often frustration, anger, sometimes tears, and typically a low self-confidence.

Nearly all books written or created for early grade levels are completely packed with concepts and sounds that are confusing and frustrating to those kids who just don’t understand it. Beginning level books are not designed for students with underlying reading difficulties.

There is virtually no material for students in higher grades who need practice with reading at their level. No wonder these struggling readers are resistant and may even lie about homework.

However, when students are provided reading material that meets their abilities, they will develop superior confidence and acquire a willingness to read. Reading must be presented in a way that is achievable and never confusing.

Mind Over Learning is able to accomplish this task because we write our own reading material suited to each student’s unique learning needs and differences.

We adjust for:

  • Size of the font
  • Font type
  • Colour of the font
  • Boldness of font
  • Background shading of text
  • Spaces between words
  • Spaces between letters
  • Spaces between lines
  • Number of words per page
  • Number of sentences per paragraph
  • Control the complexity of words
  • Fully integrate the phonetic structure of reading development
  • Ensure the student has learned the reading concepts prior to reading

All of these factors can make a significant impact on the student’s ability to learn to read and spell.