Mind Over Learning’s writing program is an excellent option for students with language learning disabilities and for those who have difficulty getting their thoughts on paper. It is a program carefully broken into a simplified sequence of steps designed to provide a structured and logical approach to written communication.
Our program for ASD is for those students who require a modified approach to address their specific learning need.


L.A. Writing and Grammar – Level One (Grade 3-5)

  • morphology
  • understanding sentence structure and composition of sentences
  • prewriting and organization of thoughts
  • understanding paragraph structure and composition of paragraphs
  • strengthen abilities to generate ideas

L.A. Writing and Grammar – Level Two (Grade 6-12)

  • expanding and improving sentences and ideas
  • understanding essay structure and composition of essays
  • prewriting and organization of essay content
  • transitions and tools to improve flow of discourse
  • types of discourse

L.A. Writing Comprehension – Level One (Grade 3-5)

  • understanding parts of speech and sentence structure for meaning
  • constructing sentences for clear communication
  • using modifiers and alternative words to improve meaning
  • sequencing sentences to create a logical flow
  • understanding paragraph structure
  • composing paragraphs to convey one main idea

L.A. Writing Comprehension – Level Two (Grade 6-12)

  • builds on foundational sentence and paragraph concepts
  • working knowledge of essay structure
  • composing multiple paragraphs for meaning
  • incorporating different purposes and types of writing
  • introduces figurative language

L.A. Writing – Autism

The writing program is modified to address commonly shared challenges faced by students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Among other modifications, the program incorporates more steps to master each concept or skill and moves at the students’ pace. It is further adapted to suit each student’s individual learning needs.