Reading & Spelling

Mind Over Learning has developed a reading and spelling program built on a phonological sequential system that builds solid foundations and leaves no holes. The student’s success comes from three pillars of support. It is what we teach, how we teach, and one-on-one guided instructions by an expert specialized in reading and spelling. Modifications are made to how we teach for those students with severe disabilities.

Reading & Spelling – Level One

  • auditory development to support phonemic and phonological processing
  • sound-letter correspondence to develop automatic paired associative memory
  • penmanship and letter knowledge of upper and lower case print

Reading & Spelling – Level Two

  • systematic, sequential development of phonograms
  • sight words
  • blending, reading, and spelling techniques
  • reading fluency
  • comprehension strategies

Reading & Spelling – Level Three

  • intermediate development of phonograms
  • sight words
  • word division, syllabication, and polysyllabic word decoding