Reading Comprehension

Students who struggle with reading comprehension often do not learn or use all the thought processes necessary for understanding what they read. It is assumed they automatically know and use these steps based on their grade level.
Mind Over Learning has developed a reading comprehension program that explicitly breaks language apart to the smallest unit and rebuilds it, teaching students how to utilize each one of these small components to develop their thought processes for comprehension.

Our unique approach is ideal for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder who possess the shared common symptoms that result in great difficulties in reading comprehension.

Reading Comprehension – Level One

  • morphology (word structure)
  • foundational syntax and semantics (sentence structure and word meaning) at the concrete level
  • vocabulary building
  • strategies to identify important or relevant information

Reading Comprehension – Level Two

  • intermediate syntax and semantics (sentences)
  • paragraph structure
  • types and purposes of discourse
  • language and structural cues
  • comprehension strategies requiring higher level thinking (i.e. inferences, paraphrasing)

Reading Comprehension – Level Three

  • structure of longer, more complex discourse
  • strategies to identify and understand abstract components in passages
  • figurative language
  • themes and story morals

Reading Comprehension – Autism

Mind Over Learning has created a specific Reading Comprehension program to address reading comprehension challenges commonly shared by students with autism, such as determining relevant information, expressing their understanding, or allowing personal thoughts and connections to become part of the text.