Mind Over Learning’s math program is based on a multisensory approach with emphasis on a step-by-step approach to developing math skills. Our program substantially supports the most complex math learning disabilities such as a Non Verbal Learning Disability.

Our approach to math solves the five most common math learning disabilities:

  • Weak Computational and Operational Abilities
  • Difficulty Translating Concrete to Abstract Concepts
  • Difficulty Connecting Mathematical Principles
  • Learning the Language of Math
  • Difficulty with Spatial Perception

Math – Level One (Grade 1-3)

  • strengthens computational and operational abilities of math facts
  • builds on concepts of number sense
  • addresses the language of math
  • provides a concrete system for solving word problems

Math – Level Two (Grade 4-8)

  • focuses on the sequences of multi-step procedural operations
  • understanding the language of math
  • develops strategies to convert concrete thinking to abstract thinking
  • promote the application of learned concepts and principals to other core components of math
  • identifying and solving word problems

Math – Level Three (Grade 8-12 and Pre-Calculus)

  • individualized to support the grade-specific core components of math
  • homework and test preparation