Online and Home School Support

Our Online / Home School Support Program is the ideal solution for students who require an alternative to the traditional educational setting. Many parents are looking for other education options for a child who is not succeeding in a classroom or bricks and mortar scenario. At the same time, staying at home to support the student in independent learning isn’t always an option for the parents.

At Mind Over Learning, we provide the optimal learning environment and an exceptional instructor to work with students who are enrolled in online and home schooling programs. This arrangement not only provides structure and one-on-one support, but offers our expertise in learning disabilities and differences so that we can further customize the learning for the student. As a result, we help students realize their true learning potential.

In particular, our program is ideal for students who are diagnosed with, or who exhibit signs and symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder and who face significant challenges in a classroom for a full day.  Additionally, our program would be well suited to those students who are currently attending school for only half a day or less for various reasons, and for whom working at home is not the most ideal option.

Upon enrolling in this program, your child will be paired with a tutor who is trained and certified in the Orton-Gillingham approach and is fully knowledgeable in all of the subject areas at your child’s grade level. The tutor will guide your child through their online curriculum and monitor the completion of quizzes, tests, and other assessments related to their individualized curriculum. Because of our individualized approach, we are able to cut down “school time” significantly, and can proceed through the curriculum at the rate best suited to the student. We also spend time teaching the student how to learn, providing them with all the skills and strategies related to the areas in which we are experts (attention controls, memory, executive functions, etc.)

Your child will be educated in a controlled environment that is conducive to learning and removes the many distractions that might occur at home or in the classroom. Sensory stimulation is reduced significantly, resulting in a carefully monitored environment that is quiet, calming and emotionally safe for the child to learn in, so that learning is made possible and academic success is achievable.


Please call our center for more information about what this program might look like for your child and the Distributed Learning schools we partner with.