For LD Kids Affected By the Strike

Mind Over Learning is launching a special program at an affordable cost to accommodate students affected by the strike. Until the schools are open, Mind Over Learning will be offering a morning Math and English class. These are 2-3 hour sessions for 2 days a week. To enroll your child, or to find out more, call Mind Over Learning at 250-860-0084.

The situation regarding the B.C. teacher strike this September is affecting so many of our kids. Those parents of children with learning disabilities are particularly concerned, because they know the longer the gap in the child’s learning, the more is lost from the year before. More time must be spent re-establishing former learning which leaves less time for new concepts and skills. Basically, a shortened school year short-changes our students. This is where we can help this year.

Students with diagnosed or undiagnosed disorders, like Autism, ADHD, or FASD, have specific needs when it comes to education that typically cannot be supplemented at home. The same is true for students with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, or math learning disabilities (dyscalculia). Successful learning for these students requires specialization and expertise.

Mind Over Learning is a highly specialized tutoring center that teaches essential subjects (Reading, Writing, Math, Reading Comprehension) in a way that specifically meets the learning needs and styles of students with learning disabilities.

To read more about our expertise, take a look at our Autism page, or see Our Specialization for a general overview.