Do you teach students with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

Yes. These students often bring a plethora of challenges such as behavioural, emotional, and learning disabilities. They require a lot of patience, understanding, and a specialized teaching approach specifically suited to the child with FASD. Our instructors are trained and experienced in both the common symptoms of FASD and in assessing each student’s specific difficulties. They are experts at both adapting the daily lesson to accommodate the student’s needs and executing a learning program designed specifically for FASD.

What is the success rate of teaching a student with FASD?

Success rate relies heavily on the severity of the symptoms. Most students can complete their program between a year and half to 3 years. Others may need continued help all the way through school to graduation.

Will my child still succeed if he/she does not complete the program?

Students with FASD will gain significant progress that they would not have received in a conventional education system.