Mind Over Learning provides a Youth in Transition program designed for students ages 13 to 19 who plan to pursue a post-secondary education or a trade, but struggle with academics.

We customize each student’s program plan to suit their specific needs. For those students aspiring to College or University, they have the opportunity at Mind Over Learning to begin developing and honing such skills as note-taking, organization, study skills, and essay writing.

Students looking to enter trades after high school will benefit from our Trades Entrance Exam program which includes components such as test-taking strategies, and Math and Reading Comprehension material. Other students in this age group simply need additional support to improve their current academic performance at school.

One of the main objectives of the Youth in Transition program is to provide tools for academic success, such as efficiency, organization, saliency, previewing, steps to writing, etc. We work to strengthen the students’ executive skills which pertain to learning, and to provide strategies and skills to regulate attention controls.

The Youth in Transition program is ideal for:

University and College Preparation
Trades Entrance Exam Preparation (Graduating Students)
Middle School and High School Success

We also offer:

ICBC Learners License Knowledge Test Preparation