Do you have a specialized program for ADHD?

We are inclusive of all students with learning disabilities, and we individualize our programs to meet the specific needs of those with ADHD. Quite commonly other learning disabilities are also evident in students with ADHD and they are taken into consideration for each student based on our initial and ongoing evaluations.

How does ADHD impair learning?

ADHD is not a learning disability itself; however, the symptoms can make learning difficult due to weak attention controls, distractibility, inconsistent concentration and impulsivity. These affect verbal and non-verbal output.

My child complains about being bored at school. Can you keep my child interested?

Consider this a very strong warning sign that something is causing difficulties with your child’s learning.
Students are often truly bored because they do not understand what is being taught or what they are expected to do. They are quite commonly labeled as lazy. However, it could be they do not process instructions or information fast enough. They may have a diagnosed or undiagnosed disability, which, in a lot of cases, is not compensated for in school because that is difficult to accomplish in a classroom setting.

We keep the student directly engaged, both mentally and kinaesthetically, by using a multi-sensory approach in a one-on-one teaching setting. We ensure students understand what is taught, and we do not move forward until current concepts are fully learned, so they are not bored!

Can you tell me if my child has ADHD?

There are many classic signs that indicate a child should be assessed for ADHD. Please see your family doctor to be referred to a specialist for an assessment.

Can you help a student who has trouble learning because of ADHD?

Yes. We keep the student focused and we have little or no distractions while tutoring.

Can a child diagnosed with ADHD have dyslexia as well?

Yes. Quite commonly, students with ADHD have dyslexia as well and should be tested by a professional psychologist.

What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a condition, not a diagnosis of a learning disability. It generally stems from auditory or visual processing disorder.

Read more on our Dyslexia FAQ page.

Can students diagnosed with ADHD and Language Learning Disabilities become successful?

Yes they can. Continue to look for options that keep their interest, and never ever give up. They need extra support with their behaviour and learning weaknesses. But, there is something out there for them.