Helping Kids with Autism through Specialized Tutoring

Children with Autism will thrive when the learning environment is properly adjusted to their social, emotional, and learning needs. A child with autism requires a learning environment free of distraction, with a tutor who identifies and relates to their unique communication skills and emotional state. Equally important is a learning program for students with a disability that is challenging yet achievable.

Optimal Learning Environment

Mind Over Learning planned the layout of our learning center around the needs of those children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and those challenged with characteristics of ADHD. We created a learning environment that is quiet, calming, and free of distraction which will immensely appease the emotional state and ready the child for learning.

Emotional Security

Your child will feel important, accepted and acknowledged. Your child is not removed from the rest of the class, but rather is the focus of their one on one tutoring session. Furthermore, the student receives undivided attention from their tutor, because those with Autism Spectrum disorder are able to learn significantly better when taught in an environment created just for them.

Our Professional Experts

Mind Over Learning tutors are specialized in teaching students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. For instance we understand both the foundational communication skills as well as the non- verbal limitations. Our professionally trained tutors are able to help students improve and develop their much needed communication skills. Additionally, your child receives one on one guided, partnered, and explicit instructions. Tutors are trained and experienced at presenting and demonstrating lesson concepts in multiple modalities while encouraging the student to learn through simultaneous multi-sensory learning channels. We respect that all children are unique and learn in a multitude of dynamic ways, and we provide the pathways for your child to find confidence in their journey to learning.

The Most Effective Program

Mind Over Learning is based on the scientifically acclaimed Orton-Gillingham system which is recognized as the world’s leading authority for teaching students with disabilities. The difference is that our program is designed for the student with a learning disability as opposed to the student that is only learning delayed.

Our specialized program content includes and embraces the unique features of the learning disability itself. Secondly, our programs are designed to enable learning and promote the student to move forward by successfully mastering each step.

Staying on Top of and Ahead of Research

The team at Mind Over Learning is committed to providing the optimal learning environment that includes all those details that help each child reach their highest potential. Our lead team is dedicated to continuing research, evaluating and developing improved programs and learning approaches to lead the way to a brighter future.