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Helping Kids in the Honduras!

Our students (and their parents!) really amaze us sometimes! One of our high school students will not be waking up Christmas morning to join the family in opening stockings and presents, or partake in a huge, glorious Christmas dinner. Instead, he and his family will be in Roatan, Honduras, bringing joy to kids who are… Read more »


Mind Over Learning uses students’ learning skills and strengths while simultaneously developing the weaker learning skills. Now what does that really mean? Let me give you an example. A typical student with NVLD (non-verbal learning disability) has strong verbal or language skills, but weak non-verbal reasoning and thinking skills. This person has a hard time… Read more »

For LD Kids Affected By the Strike

Mind Over Learning is launching a special program at an affordable cost to accommodate students affected by the strike. Until the schools are open, Mind Over Learning will be offering a morning Math and English class. These are 2-3 hour sessions for 2 days a week. To enroll your child, or to find out more, call Mind Over Learning at 250-860-0084. The situation… Read more »

Welcome to Mind Over Learning!

Welcome to Mind Over Learning’s new website and new blog! We are looking forward to sharing some incredible stories with you…we work in a highly rewarding field and the successes we see in our students are extremely inspirational. So whether you are a parent looking for some tips or answers for your child, or a… Read more »